Change a Child's Life Forever

The Cambodia Charitable Trust was established to assist the Cambodian people from the trap of extreme poverty, to strengthen communities and to provide health and education for the Cambodian children. 100% of donations go to the programmes in Cambodia. This means when we travel to Cambodia to monitor the programmes we pay our own way. There is no such thing as a free lunch with this Trust! Watch us on and see for yourself.

Our fundamental drive is to enable children to go to school, and to equip the teachers so as the children receive a quality education while there. We have already enabled thousands of boys and girls to have access to an education, and we are supporting the development of the teachers delivering that education.

The Cambodia Charitable Trust works with the communities to identify what their priorities are.  Our funding is needs focused and driven by the real needs and initiatives identified by people on the ground in Cambodia. The programs we support must have a direct and measurable impact and help transform lives. 

Our programmes vary but they all change lives.

One example is the programme for the sponsorship of girls. Our aim is to increase the number of girls completing primary and secondary education in Cambodia 

  • Enabling girls to commence school by providing a uniform and stationery
  • Preventing girls from being withdrawn from school to work by replacing wages
  • Encouraging girls to move from Primary to Secondary education
  • Supporting girls in achieving academic excellence
  • If you educate a girl, you educate a village 

Sponsorship is just over $1 a day at $35 a month.  You can sponsor 5 girls for the price of a coffee a day.

We also support schools by establishing libraries, developing preschool classes, installing fresh water collection systems and building toilets.

We have schools that desperately need help now. You can support an entire school from as little as $500 a month.

100% of your donation will go directly to the project you wish to support.

You choose. Education? Housing? Health?  It’s up to you.

Can you make a donation and change someone’s life today?




29 November 2013



September 2011

Recent News

We have a very strong team here. Lead by Soeun Ouch, the Cambodian team of 6 is as follows:

Soeun Ouch, Country Manager, Soeun is a specialist teacher trainer, he manages the relationship with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport,...

We have just finished a week of school visits and meetings with ministry staff. Here are a few "coincidences" first...

We are busy packing for the next trip to Cambodia. A team of four leave on 22nd November for two weeks, We will post an update from Cambodia.


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