Change a Child's Life Forever

The Cambodia Charitable Trust was established to assist the Cambodian people from the trap of extreme poverty, to strengthen communities and to provide health and education for the Cambodian children. 100% of donations go to the programmes in Cambodia. You can see the impact of this support by clicking the video link below.

Our fundamental drive is to enable children to go to school, and to equip the teachers so as the children receive a quality education while there. We have already enabled thousands of boys and girls to have access to an education, and we are supporting the development of the teachers delivering that education.

The Cambodia Charitable Trust works with the communities to identify what their priorities are.  We employ 6 Cambodian staff.

Our trip in July:

We desperately need to provide three of our Cambodian staff with a laptop. Can you help? Laptops cost around $800 in Cambodia. We would love to buy these laptops and train the staff while there in July.

How important are laptops? Can you imagine any teaching staff here not having a computer?

  • A laptop will help our school nurse keep children's health records.
  • It will help our technical teacher prepare teaching materials.
  • It will help our administration assistant record the budgets.

Technology is important. It makes everyone more efficient and allows communication via email. Please let us know if you can help with a laptop.

Our programmes vary but they all change lives.

Primarily we enable children to go to school when they wouldn't otherwise be able to. Many children are from families that cannot afford the basic clothing required for the children to go to school. They cannot buy a notebook and pencil. We provide these essential items.

We also support schools by establishing libraries, developing preschool classes, installing fresh water collection systems and building toilets.

We have schools that desperately need help now. You can support an entire school from as little as $500 a month.

100% of your donation will go directly to the project you wish to support.

You choose. Education? Housing? Health?  It’s up to you.

Can you make a donation and change someone’s life today?




29 November 2013

Recent News

Education can help fight poverty and educating girls, in particular, can contribute to sustainable development, according to the former Prime Minister of Australia.

Denise is in Cambodia right now, and reports that there is a desperate need for money for rice. Weather conditions are causing problems.


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