Education Projects

Poverty prevents children gaining an education and the Trust helps by providing the educational materials required.

Takeo and Kampot Teachers' Training Colleges

Teachers graduating from Takeo Training CollegeThere is a shortage of trained teachers in Cambodia. With a large number of the population under 20 years of age and education being one of the critical factors in breaking the poverty cycle, the Trust supports new teacher training by providing teaching materials for them to take to their classrooms.

Each year 200 trainees graduate from the Takeo and Kampot Teacher's Training Colleges. As they leave to work in schools, we provide them with a teacher pack containing paper, pens, scissors, a ruler, a compass and protractor, maps of the World and Cambodia, games, glue and more. These materials would otherwise not be available to the trainees.

By providing these materials the Trust is helping the 200 classrooms these teachers will go to teach in and encourages teaching excellence. A teachers pack costs US$30.



Books Bikes, School Uniforms and Libraries

The Cambodia Charitable Trust helps to provide school materials such as school uniforms, stationery and push bikes to school children.

School uniforms
School uniforms are compulsory, but many families cannot afford them. Children without a uniform will either not attend school, or feel the lack of the uniform keenly as they stand out amongst their peers as being different. The cost of a uniform is $10.

Bikes are needed for children who live a long distance from the school and are unable to get to school without a bike.

Stationery per child costs around $4.This consists of two notebooks, a ruler, two pens, a pencil and rubber and for older children a compass and protractor.

Library books
Schools very often have no library for the children, and do not have access to many books. The Trust works to provide shelves for books and where possible, desks for the children to read at.

We help establish libraries in each of our supported schools. Without textbooks and library books the children have nothing to read and struggle to learn. A full set of library books costs $500 for a whole school. We update our libraries as required. There is something very satisfying about library books that have been read by hundreds of children and can no longer be held together by tape. We are very happy to see the books being taken home and read to other family members by our children.

Some of the schools had librarians who had received no training on how to run a library. We have had all of the librarians trained and we have made sure the books are available to be taken home and shared. Some books are really popular. These include how to set up a home garden and other life skills. This is fantastic to see.