Provide a Library

A library, and the consumable materials for in the library, is central to a well functioning school. It gives the children a hunger for learning, creates a space for artwork and creativity and allows the children to take books home to share with siblings and their parents. Many library books relate to life skills which the whole family can learn about and benefit from. The children also learn from maps, games and doing artwork.

There are many schools we would like to support but until we get some more help we cannot take the whole school on.

What we can do however is equip the school with a library and essential teaching materials like maps and globes, consumable materials like paper, glue, scissors, crayons and poen for the library. It costs $500 for library books and consumable supplies for a whole school. We have an endless demand for library books  and teaching resources - and the more they are loved and read and used to the point of falling apart the happier we are!

This is a perfect project for a book club or avid reader to support. Teachers will also know the benefits of a well stocked library. And believe us, these schools have very little in the way of resources.


Ready and waiting for some library books

Can you help us?

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