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We have a number of Schools that we currently cannot support but that we would love to. The children and teachers are struggling in often terrible conditions with no support and nothing in the way of teaching materials. We have the systems on the ground ready to deliver support. We just need you, your friends, your book club or your company to decide now is the time to transform the lives of hundreds of children.


Monirangsey Primary (which features on the NZ Story programme) is a Primary School that has broken floors, no library books, no preschool classroom and little in the way of teaching materials. But the teachers are keen and have managed to convince our team in Cambodia to let them join the monthly teaching workshops we hold even though their school is not currently supported by The Cambodia Charitable Trust. It would cost from $500 a month to support this school. We also need some funds to do some urgent maintenance. The concrete floor is the most pressing issue, with huge holes in the classroom floors which have tripped us all up! It would cost about $3000 to have the concrete floors repaired.

Taten Primary School has a team of really energetic teachers trying to use what little resources they have to teach the children. The school has a positive feel to it and the teachers are enthusiastic. The buildings are in good condition having been recently built by the Ministry of Education, but they have no library books or resources. It would cost around $600 to support this school.

Sovankiriaksmey Primary is a remote school, near the mountains. Some classrooms are in reasonable condition, some are thatched shacks. The school needs some classrooms built at a cost of $20,000. It also needs library books and teaching materials. The teachers are eager to learn and have asked if New Zealanders would be prepared to help their school. There is also a Secondary School on site which needs teaching materials. It would cost $1200 a month to support these schools.

Ang Chhum Secondary School is next door to our star performer, Ang Chhum Primary School. It has 271 students. There are no text books, no library books and no teaching materials. Our children are getting a hunger for education at the Primary School and are then landing in a Secondary School where the teachers are struggling to actually teach. We really want to help this school to keep our children striving and achieving. It would cost $700 a month to help this school, but lump sum donations to make a start would be welcome.

Ang Seyma Secondary School is next door to Ang Seyma Primary School which we support. Most of the children that complete Primary School in the supported schools in this district will end up going to this Secondary School. We were very lucky to receive support from many of our existing donors to build some new school buildings this year as the school was not able to cope with the increase in the number of children now completing Primary School, particularly sponsored girls, thanks to the Cambodia Charitable Trust. However, the remaining classrooms are pretty dire and there is a complete lack of teaching materials. We would really appreciate some support for this school in the form of repairs to three classrooms at $2000 per classroom. This will mean the classrooms will be freshly painted, with a new white board at the front, repaired floors, repaired roof tiles and the shutters and door will be refurbished.

no classrooms for this preschool class

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