Health Projects

We are working to improve the health of the children that attend the schools we support. Health care in Cambodia is very basic and often unreachable to many.

Childrens Health

A huge part of improving childrens' health is providing toilet facilities in the schools and giving the children access to clean water. Most of the schools have no toilets or fresh water.

Many of the illnesses suffered by the children which often claim lives are preventable. We are working to raise funds to build toilets and install water pumps.

As an example new toilets and water tanks were just finished at Ang Seyma Secondary School this year. One toilet block with two toilets and a large concrete water tank for using at the toilets were built for the students and teachers at Ang Seyma Secondary School to use. Moreover, two other water tanks for drinking water with a capacity of 2000 litres each, the stands of water tanks, taps’ security and gutters were provided for this School as well.

Dental and Medical Care

With very little access to dental or medical care we need to take these services to the schools to help the children and their families.

We have had a mobile dental and medical team visit one of our schools and treat the children, their teachers and their families. The first priority is to relieve pain, remove rotten teeth, deal with abscesses and then look at the childs' general health.

Hearing Tests

The hearing tests have now covered hundreds of children and as a result many have received necessary treatment.  Some children need specialist care and with ear and throat specialists non existent in Cambodia we are always on the look out for a specialist health team to take to Cambodia.

Eye Tests

We have received funding from Go Logistics to conduct eye tests in each of the school over the next year. The eye tests are carried out by a specialist eye doctor and two nurses. Ongoing eye care is also funded by Go Logistics.

Cleaning Hands and Tooth Brushing Workshops

Workshops on hand washing and cleaning teeth are conducted for teacher trainees at the Takeo and Kampot Teachers Training Colleges. After delivering the lessons on hand washing and cleaning teeth by using Power Point and explaining the lesson step by step, the teacher trainees have an opportunity to ask questions to make sure that they understood the lesson and to make sure they will be able to teach the children.  All teacher trainees receive training materials and documents for teaching the children where they work.