Our Operational guidelines

We support the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in Cambodia and its curriculum.

We seek solutions from our Cambodian partners. We encourage our Cambodian communities to identify the problems and come up with solutions.  We do not believe that we know best.  We learn together how best to develop education in Cambodia.

If our partners develop a programme which improves educational outcomes in Cambodia and is consistent with our goals and principles, we will try to support it.  Our only limitation is funding.

We prefer to limit our involvement with a small number of schools to ensure we can provide the support to the level and depth required.  We will extend to other schools as funding allows, on the basis that we can ensure improved educational outcomes.

Our volunteers visiting Cambodia are there to provide support and advice if it is asked for. They are there to provide feedback based on an overview of the programmes and the benefit of any research. They are not in Cambodia to promote any interests, other than the interests of the Trust and therefore of education in Cambodia.

We employ Cambodian people when we can.  If we have to employ non Cambodian people it will only be after consultation with our Cambodian partners and staff and where there is no other viable option.  It is our preference not to spend any money on non Cambodians.

We respect the values, religion, culture and livelihoods of the Cambodian people and the communities in which we work.  We do not influence religion.

Our policies are developed together with the active participation of our Cambodian staff, partners and communities.  Every opportunity will be taken to engage with those impacted by our programmes.

Relationships are very important to us.  We want the people we support to know us and to understand that we wish to support them.  We want to get to know our Cambodian staff, partners and communities so as we can better identify how we can help.

We want to cause no harm, acknowledge the risks and take steps to reduce any negative impacts of our programmes.  We expect the honest and immediate feedback from our Cambodian staff, partners and communities if they have any concerns or if they consider we can deliver our support better.

Photo: Delivering library books and uniforms at Ang Chhum Primary School, Kampot 2009