Our Purpose

To break the poverty cycle and in doing so transform lives in Cambodia:

  • Raising Educational Standards
  • Strengthening Economic Community Development
  • Improving Health

Our Guiding Principles

  • To empower those we work with in Cambodia
  • The programmes we support must have a 'direct and measurable impact' – every programme we support helps transform lives  regardless of development philosophies, world views and religious beliefs
  • We 'fund the need' - Our funding is needs focused and driven by the real needs and initiatives identified by people on the ground in Cambodia
  • We only use 'Trusted Networks and Individuals' - All recipients account for their spending through regular reports
  • We are '100% effective' – 100% of donor money goes directly to the cause they wish to support.  Where possible supplies are purchased from within Cambodia to support the economy and capitalise on lower costs
  • Sustainability – We recognise the importance of strengthening our community partners in Cambodia to enable them to continue on a positive path towards breaking the poverty cycle independently of our programmes and associated projects.