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School Uniforms, Bikes, Stationery  Books & Rice

  • A school uniform is as little as $10
  • A bicycle for a child to get to school costs $80
  • A classroom pack of materials (scissors, paper, pens, glue etc) costs $150
  • A book case for a library costs $400
  • Library books for a school library costs $500
  • A teachers pack costs $40.
  • Provide rice to hungry kids $30
  • Provide a Lucky Iron Fish to a family for $6

School uniforms

Children without a uniform will either not attend school, or feel the lack of the uniform keenly as they stand out amongst their peers as being different.


Bikes are needed for children who live a long distance from the school and are unable to get to school without a bike.


Stationery per child costs around $4.This consists of two notebooks, a ruler, two pens, a pencil and rubber and for older children a compass and protractor.

Library Books

Schools very often have no library for the children, and do not have access to many books. The Trust works to provide shelves for books and where possible, desks for the children to read at. 

Takeo and Kampot Teacher's Training Colleges

Each year 200 trainees graduate from these Teacher's Training Colleges.

As they leave to work in schools, we provide them with a teacher pack containing paper, pens, scissors, a ruler, a compass and protractor, maps of the World and Cambodia, games, glue and more. These materials would otherwise not be available to the trainees. The materials are highly valued by these newly graduated teachers and directly impact on the quality of their teaching. The trainees look forward to,receiving them for two years.

Supporting a newly graduated teacher this way impacts on the education of 200 classrooms full of children, on average 50 children per classroom, so over 10,000 children benefit, each year!

Provide rice to hungry kids

Every year before the rice crop can be harvested we have families that have run out of food.  The children come to school hungry.

Whilst we are trying to find ways to improve the food production of the communities for a longer term solution we don't want children starving. A bag of rice costs $30.  We will need t set aside money for 20 bags of rice for the worst effected families.  If you can buy some bags of rice we would appreciate it.

Provide a Lucky Iron Fish to a family

Many children in Cambodia do not have enough iron in their diet. They suffer from anemia. This impedes their cognitive development and leaves them listless. We can provide a family with a Lucky Iron Fish which, when added to the family cooking pot, gives the family up to 75% of their daily iron requirements. For a tiny investment we can change the health of a family and bring these children back to being able to fully participate in lfe and learn when they are at school.

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