Sponsor a Girl

Sponsor a girl to go to school in Cambodia

Sponsorship programme for girls in Cambodia.

Our aim is to increase the number of girls completing primary and secondary education in Cambodia. Providing equality in education.

  • Enabling girls to commence school by providing a uniform and stationery
  • Preventing girls from being withdrawn from school to work by replacing their wages
  • Encouraging girls to move from primary to secondary education
  • Supporting girls in achieving academic excellence

Sponsorship costs $40 a month for a Primary School or Secondary School girl.

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When family cannot afford to send their children to school it is the girls that will first miss out.  Many girls are not able to access a basic education.  Girls are often used to care for siblings, to work on the family land or to earn an income to support the family.  It is very common for girls to finish their schooling at grade 5 or 6, ages 11 or 12, and many do not complete their primary education.  

If a girl goes to school and learns to read and write, she has a better chance at keeping herself safe.  

Compared to an uneducated girl, an educated girl marries later to a better quality husband, she has children later when she is physically big enough to deliver them safely, she has less children, those children survive infancy and grow into healthy children, they go on to learn themselves, and in turn will educate their children.

"If you educate a girl, you educate a village"

Sponsorship is just over $1 a day at $35 a month or $420 a year.  That covers the cost of school materials and a school uniform, food and hygiene supplies.

100% of your sponsorship goes to help the family of the sponsored girl.  Your sponsorship is tax deductible.


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