What we need

We have several projects which we need urgent help with. We also have several Schools that desperately need help. There are Primary and Secondary Schools in need of library books, teaching materials and urgent classroom maintenance.

Water tanks at Ang Rhun Primary School provided by Greenpark Primary.

You could help give fresh drinking water to a whole school, and improve the health of hundreds of children by doing so.

Many schools have no fresh water and the children collect water from the local pond to drink. This leads to a lot of sickness and disease, in some cases leading to death.


Ready and waiting for some library books

A library is central to a well functioning school. It gives the children a hunger for learning, creates a space for artwork and creativity and allows the children to take books home to share with siblings and their parents. Many library books relate to life skills which the whole family can learn about and benefit from.

no classrooms for this preschool class

We have a number of Schools that we currently cannot support but that we would love to. The children and teachers are struggling in often terrible conditions with no support and nothing in the way of teaching materials. We have the systems on the ground ready to deliver support. We just need you, your friends, your book club or your company to decide now is the time to transform the lives of hundreds of children.


There are many things we wish we could achieve in Cambodia, but it all takes money.

We see many projects that we would love to take on, but we cannot stretch our budget any further without help. We have excellent systems on the ground to deliver effective, timely assistance. We also listen to the team in Cambodia as they always know what needs to be done next and how to do it. Often it just takes having some spare funds which are not allocated to a specific purpose that enables us to get some of these projects underway.

Our preschools are bursting at the seams. We need to provide 6 more desks. They cost $35 each and are designed to fit little people. We have enough plastic chairs at the moment which the children are using as makeshift desks.